CASE STUDY 2: Lights On!


A wonderful client wrote the following case study.  I have included it to help with the understanding that hypnosis uncovers the underlying issue when there is one.  I also want people to understand that regardless of your religious beliefs/faith, hypnosis can safely be used to help you overcome your obstacles.

Several years ago I was struggling with a very strange problem that seemed very silly. I had read The Hunger Games and became disturbed by it to the point that I could no longer sleep without the lights on. Being a grown, educated woman in my 40's, I realized this was not normal. While it was funny, this went on for about a month and I came to dread bedtime. I knew the very real fear that would come and that I would have to try and sleep with all of the lights on again.

One day while talking about my issue and laughing about this silly but very real problem, it was suggested that I should look into hypnotherapy. Well, being a woman of faith, a Southern Baptist no less, I certainly had never considered doing that. I had always thought that it was mind control or I would end up not remembering anything and start quacking like a duck. But I decided to research it and googled "Christian hypnotherapists in Orlando". Sandy Drenner came up on my screen. She looked very warm and inviting and the webpage sounded very positive and I had done enough research that I decided to fill out the paperwork. I freely wrote on there my fears of seeing her (she told me later how she and her husband Monte had laughed that I wrote, “I was even Southern Baptist and not sure I should do this".  That's one thing I like about Sandy, we were laughing from the first session.

At my first appointment two days later, Sandy made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She told me exactly what hypnosis was and what it wasn't and that we could just talk for a while. We did talk and I told her about my tight knit family, my job and my problem with sleeping with the lights out. I agreed to the hypnosis. She gave me a warm blanket and I reclined in this comfortable chair and closed my eyes picturing my favorite place while she talked to me. I remember everything she said to me and I remember everything I said to her. She in her soft non-threatening skillful way got right to the root of my problem. I was not afraid of The Hunger Games at all. I told her that I was afraid and sad for my brother and my tiny nieces as he was going through a painful divorce. I cried for how they must feel and how I was afraid of what would happen to them. Sandy helped my subconscious replace those negative damaging thoughts with thoughts of hope. Thoughts of letting God help my brother and letting God protect the girls when they weren't with my family. I was able to turn my subconscious thoughts from fear to accepting that they would ultimately be all right. 

When I came out of my trance like state I felt fully awake but like I had had a full body massage. I had never felt more relaxed. I couldn't believe what my subconscious mind had done to my body because I hadn't dealt with the real issues bothering me. It was life changing. The biggest thing.... I slept that very night with every light out!

Sandy has taught me that every thing works together mind, body, and soul. I've seen her many times since that day with other issues that have arisen that have not been funny and have not been as easy to work through. But I make a break through every session. I have trusted her with many family members and friends with everything from migraine headaches, weight loss, divorce, even problems they didn't share with me. She is truly gifted in this art and is constantly finding new ideas to help her clients. She's beautiful inside and out and is committed to patient success and happiness. I am truly thankful for her.