Case Study 3: I'm Late!


I'm Always Late!

"Brenda" was an attractive, professional woman who came to me in hopes that I could help her figure out if something deep seeded in her subconscious was causing a major life issue.  As we began to discuss her concerns, I asked where she wanted to start. Her response was one I've received before, "This may sound a little crazy but I'm always at least 7- 15 minutes late, my CEO even says he thinks it’s a psychological disorder and this really concerns me."  I think most of us wonder if we are a little “crazy” with whatever we struggle with!  However; I was a little surprised as she continued, “you don't understand, sometimes I arrive 15 minutes early but my body won't move until I'm a couple minutes late, I can't physically get out of the car."

Naturally, the hypnotist in me got very intrigued!  

As we progressed into our session, Brenda easily went into hypnosis.   It was at this stage I instructed her subconscious to go back to the moment just before she decided she should always be late and tell me what was going on. On a side note, all memories are stored in your subconscious, even the ones you've forgotten. Suddenly "Brenda" was 4 years old, vividly recalling a traumatic experience in which her daddy was making threats against her mommy's life when she came home and he was brandishing a firearm. “Brenda” was "TERRIFIED”.  This prompted an argument between her grandma and her daddy. Her grandma successfully calmed her daddy down so when her mommy came home everything was ok. The event was so traumatic, that her subconscious developed a new belief. "If you're late you're safe, it can even save your life."  

As we continued “Brenda” let go of that belief, which freed her to be on time and even early. After hypnosis, we discussed her experience. She had forgotten about that event but it sense to her.  Her homework was to test her new belief. For the next week or so I got the best texts at random times, “I’m early!”

A few years later we had another session about a different issue. Afterwards I asked about the time issue. Her response, "I'm still running 15 minutes early, thank you so much!"  

This is how strange fears or behaviors may occur. Perhaps, something happened in the past that causes the subconscious to adopt a new belief and often times, it is from experiences we experienced at a younger age.  Many fears manifest that we may not be able to understand until we tap into the subconscious mind, for example:  fears of clowns, frogs, spiders, bugs, heights or even being on time!

Three years later, “Brenda” continues to be a success story and easily arrives early!

Overcoming Fears Using Hypnosis