Case Study 4: I've Got This Test!


There's This Test...

"Juan" is a former co-worker. He is young, ambitious and a very conscientious, hard worker. Juan's field is insurance billing and coding. He had finished his studies and needed to take the national test. He approached me one day visibly upset and asked if I could help him. He had extreme test anxiety, had seen a physician about it and was taking medication for the anxiety. The problem was the medication blew out his short term memory. If he didn't take the meds he became so anxious he couldn't remember the material!

So we began. We cleared out some issues that contributed to the anxiety and we began creating a scenario of Juan walking into the testing area, remaining calm and easily remembering the material. In addition I made him hypnotic recordings to strengthen his belief that he could and would easily pass the test.

Test day came. Juan listened to the recordings while someone drove him there. Although initially anxious Juan calmed down and remembered, really remembered!  He was given 8 hours to complete the exam, Juan finished in 6 and missed a total of 4 questions, passing with flying colors!  Today Juan has a successful career and is loving life.  

The mind has the ability to learn or let go of emotions or responses. It's exciting and empowering when you understand this.