I believe and teach congruency in mind, body and spirit.  You may, however, want to see me for only one or two of these areas and that’s ok. It’s your journey.


Together we evaluate your thoughts and how they affect you day to day, particularly in reaching your goals.  You may be experiencing negative thoughts that are hurting you professionally or relationally.  You may need to let go of past traumatic events.
Once we decide your change goals, we then do
the necessary mind change work consciously and subconsciously to promote change.


If you have a particular health issue, what are your thoughts about the issue?  If your issue is terminal, there is a way to direct your thoughts to make the remaining time as good as it can be.  Your thoughts determine how you feel and can hinder or aid recovery time.  If it is body size/image, together we evaluate your thoughts and emotions to develop a plan and also utilize mind change therapies to aide your outcome.  We can also discover if you are “eating” your emotions or holding onto weight for an emotional reason.


Learn to use mindfulness, meditation or other mind therapies to enhance your spiritual walk.  Are you discovering your spiritual side or have an interest to?  If you are on a spiritual path, is it growing in a positive way?  If there is a need to refocus, together we identify your goals and develop a plan for you to continue in growth or start to grow.

Mind, Body and Spirit

The techniques I utilize to assist you are:


The practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.


The use of hypnosis to aid people in achieving goals, positive emotional states (gratitude, confidence, etc.) and to let go of troubling emotions.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) began as the study of excellent communicators in therapy, with the idea of uncovering exactly what these exceptional people did to achieve their outstanding results.  The developers of NLP created new models of how thoughts and behaviors actually work.  These models make it possible to modify a person’s mental processes to easily change behaviors and responses for the better."  P. Singleton

Inner Mind Sourcing

This is a newer therapy developed by Patrick Singleton that is highly effective.  Here is a quote from his website: IMS™ creates positive change in people by using more of their own inner resources to make and maintain changes. It broadens the scope of change and makes it accessible to people who are more kinesthetic or auditory, as well as for people who are highly visual. And IMS™ makes entering an altered state easier and less intimidating than many traditional trance inductions. This means that IMS™ is faster than traditional Hypnotherapy and more thorough and flexible than NLP alone.  IMS™ creates powerful changes in how people act and respond to life, by using the abilities of the Inner Mind to truly change the way they think and feelautomatically. This creates a happier, more successful, more empowered life!

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